Blood Bank

The blood bank at Sugam Hospital provides easy access to safe blood to patients in need 24x7. Regular blood donation drives are held to collect blood from voluntary donors who habitually donate blood. This section is generally healthy and health conscious and undergoes repeated screening at every donation.

Rigorous screening and testing are performed to detect any form of infectious disease. All parameters are verified to ensure that the blood collected is safe and fit for transfusion. Careful blood typing ensures that you get the right blood type you require.

The blood is separated into its components before storing so you can avail packed red cells, fresh frozen plasma, cryo-depleted plasma, platelet concentrate, single donor platelets and cryo-precipitate of the blood group you require.

The blood bank is open 24x7 at Sugam Hospital, Chennai.

Sugam Hospital, the leading multi-speciality hospital in Chennai, is passionate when it comes to blood banking. Our goal is to ensure the availability of blood to each and every patient that needs it at the time of surgery. We offer a state-of-the-art blood bank that is operational 24/7, driven by two major factors: compassion and a commitment to provide quality and prompt services to society. If you are a heart patient and you are consulting one of the best cardiologists in Chennai at our hospital, you don’t have to worry about the availability of blood when you are undergoing bypass surgery.

The cornerstone of our emergency medical and surgical services includes blood banking, which involves collecting, testing, processing, and storing blood so that it can be used when a patient badly needs it. This is because emergencies can crop up at any time. That’s why we have set up a well-equipped blood bank to cater to the blood transfusion requirements.

Blood Bank At Sugam Hospital:

Sugam Hospital’s blood bank in Chennai helps needy patients with easy and round-the-clock access to safe blood. At Sugam, we organize blood donation programmes regularly to collect blood from people who are willing to donate blood voluntarily. The people who voluntarily donate blood are healthy people who undergo tests and necessary screening procedures every time they donate blood.

We subject donors to rigorous screening procedures and testing to ensure they do not have any infectious disease. Furthermore, all parameters are evaluated to ensure that the blood collected from the donors is safe and can be used for transfusion. Besides, expert lab technicians carefully perform blood typing tests to ensure that the patients get the right blood type they want.

At Sugam, the blood collected from donors is separated into different components prior to storage so that patients can get packed red cells, cryo-depleted plasma, fresh frozen plasma, platelet concentrate, cryo-precipitate, or single donor platelets as per their requirement. This means that the components of all the blood groups will be available on the shelf at the bank every time.

The blood bank at Sugam Hospital caters to not only the needs of our in-patients but also those in other nearby hospitals who desperately need different blood components. As a patient, you can be confident that you are receiving the appropriate blood type because we adhere to stringent quality control measures at the blood bank.

At Sugam, the best normal delivery hospital in Chennai, it also constantly encourages and motivates regular donors and relatives of patients to donate blood so that the availability of the right type of blood can be ensured at all times. Furthermore, we perform all the prescribed tests on collected blood before issuing the same to patients. Besides, our blood bank is audited and inspected by the regulatory authority in the country that oversees the operation and management of blood banks.