Best Blood Bank In Chennai

We bring the considerable skills of our specialists and the advantage of advanced technology nearer the people of North Chennai for speedier treatments and better outcomes.

The fully stocked Blood Bank with the ready availability of all blood components, and the plentiful Pharmacy have saved many lives not only at Sugam Hospitals, but in the vast majority of the neighbourhood areas too, especially during times of crisis. Our blood bank comes with:

  • Automated Analyzer
  • Blood Component Separation & Therapy
  • Therapeutic Apheresis Unit


Blood Bank

The blood bank at Sugam Hospital provides easy access to safe blood to patients in need 24×7. Regular blood donation drives are held to collect blood from voluntary donors who habitually donate blood. This section is generally healthy and health conscious and undergoes repeated screening at every donation.

At our blood bank in Chennai, we prioritize your well-being and strive to provide the highest standard of care. Our hospital maintains a well-stocked blood bank with a diverse range of blood types, ensuring a ready supply for various medical procedures, emergencies, and transfusions.

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