A Comprehensive Guide To Neonatal Intensive Care Units

A Comprehensive Guide To Neonatal Intensive Care Units
December 1, 2023 by admin

While welcoming a new life into this world is a magical occasion, it can also provide its own set of medical challenges. This is where NICU comes into play. What is a neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU, and why is it crucial to treat babies who are born with a medical condition? In this blog we will go through a comprehensive guide to neonatal intensive care units.

What is NICU?:

NICUs are medical facilities which are designed specifically for new born babies with medical conditions or with serious health issues or ones who are prematurely born. At sugam hospital we have the NICU which is equipped with advanced medical instruments, highly trained professionals and the best pediatricians in Chennai to care for the newborns. An NICU is categorized into different levels, from level 1 for basic care for healthy babies to level 4 advanced care for extremely premature or with critically ill babies.

Conditions required for NICU:

Inorder to admit a newborn into the NICU, there are various factors need to be looked into such as low birth weight, premature birth, infections, congenital abnormalities, respiratory distress syndrome and more. Babies who are born before the 37 weeks of gestation need the most care since these infant’s organs are not fully developed.

Services offered in an NICU:

Medical Monitoring:

The babies at the NICU will be closely monitored by the professionals who are present over there 24/7. To ensure the stability and progress, the baby’s vital signs, oxygen levels, heart rate and other parameters are closely monitored.

Respiratory support:

Babies who are born prematurely require additional respiratory support. Hence the NICUs are fully equipped with ventilators and other respiratory support systems to provide assistance to their fragile respiratory system.

Feeding Assistance:

Some newborns require specialized feeding methods since they are fully developed to consume their food. Methods like tube feeding and IV

Temperature Regulation:

Since the body of a premature baby is not fully formed to regulate their body temperature. They are kept at incubators and warmers to maintain their body temperature within the safe range.

Infection Control:

Infants with underdeveloped immune systems are prone to infections, NICU maintains strict infection control measures to prevent them.

Development Care:

Sugam hospital not only focuses on the physical health of the baby, our NICU staff and pediatrician in Chromepet are involved in activities that increase the growth and sensory stimulation of the baby.

Family Care:

The involvement of the family is pretty much important in caring for these fragile infants. Regular parental visits are permitted, where skin to skin connection is allowed. Sometimes the specialized care is not only needed for the newborns, their parents require psychological care. To be in a state of uncertainty, can be a huge emotional toil on the parents. Hence we offer counseling and resources to help the parents cope up during these harsh times.

A neonatal intensive care unit is one of the best medical advancements. With cutting-edge medical technology to provide optimal care for our society’s smallest members, as well as a dedicated team of NICU staff who devote their lives to assisting these fragile infants, these units are nothing more than a ray of hope for parents dealing with the health complications of their newborns. As medical science continues to develop day to day we at the best pediatric hospital in Chennai provide the best NICU services for the precious newborn from their very first moments.