Significant Kidney Complications Caused By Diabetes And Its Treatments

Significant Kidney Complications Caused By Diabetes And Its Treatments
March 4, 2024 by admin

Diabetes is a well known chronic metabolic disorder in India. According to the report of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in the year 2019 nearly 77 million Indians are affected by diabetes. This disorder also favors various complications including kidney complications. This is also called as diabetic nephropathy, Which needs critical treatment for the individual managing diabetes. This blog sheds light on the significant kidney complication caused by diabetes and its treatments.

Connection Between Diabetes and Kidney: 

There are major two types of diabetes such as Type 1 and type 2. These conditions are characterized by high blood glucose levels due to their insufficient insulin production or insulin resistance. If the blood sugar levels are higher for a longer period it can damage blood vessels and nerves of the body. This also includes the fragile blood vessels inside the kidney. This can lead to kidney complications which need mild to severe care from our best nephrologist in Chennai at Sugam hospital

Significant Kidney Disorders: 


Proteinuria is one of the first symptoms of kidney damage. It is when the presence of protein in urine is identified. Healthy kidneys filter waste and other substances from the blood, including proteins. In this case the diabetically damaged kidney may allow protein to pass through the urine.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): 

In the case of Chronic Kidney Disease, the kidney has gone through even more damage, where the kidney’s function will gradually decrease over months or sometimes even years. Symptoms of CKD may include fatigue and electrolyte imbalances.

End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD): 

If CKD is left untreated it will advance into End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), in this condition the kidney loses all its function, where dialysis or kidney transplantation is the only way to save that particular person’s life.

Diabetes Treatment and Kidney Complications

Managing a healthy blood sugar level is significant in diabetes management, nevertheless the certain treatment can have a negative side effect to the kidney.


Sometimes the prescribed medications to control diabetes can impact the function of the kidney. Medications like “Metformin” which is commonly used for type 2 diabetes, can affect the kidney if its function is impaired. This may lead to lactic acidosis. Hence it is necessary to provide the medication with dosage adjustments according to the individuals with kidney issues.

SGLT2 Inhibitors:

Sodium glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors is a type of medication that decreases the blood sugar levels by promoting glucose excretion through urine. Even Though it is such an effective drug, it has a huge risk of affecting the person with diabetic ketoacidosis and urinary tract infections, which may cause severe damage to the kidney.

Prevention and Management

Blood Sugar Control: 

With regular medications, insulin therapy, diet and proper exercise, one can maintain a healthy blood glucose level, and it can prevent the individual from kidney complications.

Blood Pressure Control: 

In some cases, high blood pressure can cause severe damage to the kidneys. It is crucial to manage the blood pressure at the recommended range is crucial in preventing diabetic nephropathy.

Regular Monitoring: 

Persons who are diagnosed with diabetes should undergo regular kidney function tests with our nephrology specialist in Chennai to detect any symptoms of damage early on. With the right amount of diagnosis and medication, it can be treated or slow down the complications.

Lifestyle Modifications: 

In Order to reduce the risk of kidney complications, one should engage into a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, consistent physical activity and try to avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Diabetes and kidneys share an intricate relationship that needs well planned medical strategies to minimize the risk of kidney damage. At Sugam Hospital we have the top nephrologist in Chennai to provide the most personalized care that safeguards both your blood sugar levels and kidney health.