Sugam Hospitals: An Overview Of Our Services

Sugam Hospitals: An Overview Of Our Services
March 21, 2024 by admin

For the past few years, the healthcare sector has seen several changes in every aspect, especially, if you speak about the last two years, the contagion COVID-19 has overwhelmed even the best healthcare facilities in the developed countries.

Sugam Healthcare has been serving their best for the people in Chennai with more than its 25 years of services. Our facility has been awarded as the one of the best multispeciality hospitals by All India Critical Care Hospital Ranking Survey in 2020. We have associated with the top neurologist in Chennai to serve the people with appropriate treatments for better results.

This success rate of our healthcare is because of our experienced medical professionals, and incorporating advanced techniques and procedures in one roof.We believe in integrated healthcare management for a medical ecosystem to thrive. Hence, we expand and update the healthcare infrastructure to make them affordable and accessible for the public.

Our Journey:

Sugam hospital started its journey in Thiruvottiyur, Chennai, from 1991 with only 100 beds. But now, our facility has reached the heights by providing state-of-the-art facilities with more than 500 medical staff, two cardiothoracic theaters with the best cardiologist in Chennai, nine well-equipped operation theaters and 250 hospital beds.

Our Services:

Assistance At Any Time:

Emergency can be at any time, and you need to be prepared to face the challenge. We at Sugam Hospitals understand the value of a critical condition and have an ambulance service around the clock. Be it midnight or dawn, we are here to reach out to you at your time of need.

Our ambulance is facilitated with essential equipment like suction apparatus, monitor, and defibrillator to stabilize the condition of the patient arriving at the healthcare.

Multi-Dimensional Specializations:

Sugam hospitals is one of the top ranking speciality healthcare facilities where you can avail multi-level services for all your health requirements. We have qualified professionals in every specialization to adhere to the needs of our patients.

We specialize in:

  • Neurology
  • Urology
  • Orthopedics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dentistry
  • General and laproscopic
  • Dermatology
  • Blood Bank
  • NICU
  • Cardiology
  • Laboratory services
  • Radiology
  • Oncology
  • Critical care medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Nephrology
  • ENT
  • Maternity

These are our fields of healthcare management, supporting our patients right from transportation, diagnostic care, primary checkup, hospitalization, medications, and even compliant care after the surgery or illness. We offer our patients the best pediatricians in Chennai for your kids who analyze and access the data through the digital tools for a more accurate outcome.

Integrated healthcare management is an emerging component in many sectors of the medical ecosystem. Hence, a constant upgradation and expansion of the facilities and infrastructures are the surge in today’s world, and many prefer a holistic healthcare management.

Thus, our managed healthcare service will cover all our patients requirements with proper support and guidance from the experts. Standard, quality, and feasible healthcare is all what a patient expects at any hour. Thus, Sugam hospitals bring the best care and treatment through their integrated service centered approach.

Schemes That Are Approved:

Health schemes are one of the most kind of payments made by the public as repayment for the treatment. We at Sugam hospitals have taken in considerations of the necessary health schemes that have been approved by the Tamilnadu Government. We consider our honorable Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s comprehensive health scheme to treat all the disease or illness of the patients.

Similarly, the scheme issued by the Chief minister has the approval to treat the cases of trauma and Medicolegal (cases that are both medical and legal). This scheme is also applicable for the state employees and pensioners to treat their illness. Sugam hospitals is one of the few hospitals in Chennai that have been approved to treat the employees of Railways and Government of India under CGHS. In the case of corporate and private companies, Sugam Hospital professionals treat them under TPA.

Sugam’s Infrastructures:

Infrastructure and availability of all medical devices are the major features that determine the performance of the hospital. In that case, Sugam hospitals are the best in providing all the essential infrastructure for earlier detection of illness and timely treatment. We have included a CT scan facility in our healthcare, the very first in-house facility in North Chennai to treat accident and trauma cases immediately.

We are the very first healthcare to introduce a modern coronary Cath lab in North Chennai to save many lives through angioplasty and related cardiac advancements which includes valvotomies and septal corrections. We have associated best and expert cardiologist in Chennai who can perform critical surgeries like catheter based valve replacements.

Timely detection and treatment are the key sources for any healthcare community to save people. So, we at Sugam Hospitals, have a clinical laboratory which operates 24/7 to detect and determine the results as soon as possible. Our clinical lab is equipped with all the modern equipment and qualified technicians, pathologists, biochemists, and Microbiologists. We also have a radiology department for diagnostic imaging to picture and project the various parts of the body. TMT, dialysis center, Echocardiogram, video colonoscopy and endoscopy, Doppler scans, physiotherapy, and EEG are also a part of Sugam facility for faster diagonaization and make it easy for the patients to reach out for all the services under a roof.

Sugam hospitals extended its infrastructure by adding a separate block that is specially designed to perform complex operations. These operation theaters are equipped with modern devices and machines to execute the surgeries with more precision and save many lives. We also have special rooms like deluxe and executive rooms for more comfortable hospital stay and make the patient feel at home. We continuously work towards the goal of becoming an excellent healthcare community in Chennai.

Sugam’s Care For Society:

We also conduct medical camps, health check up, and awareness programs for the public to keep them informed about the current breakouts and illness. Generally, these types of programs are essential for the public especially for factory workers, auto drivers, and the common audience to address the particular threat of certain climate change or a behavioral change for a longer term.Hence, we conduct various social programs as part of our management to keep the public informed, adapt the change, and minimize the risk from potential dangers.

Similarly, we are the primary center for the administration of free ATT (Assessment and Treatment Team) through various Voluntary Social Welfare agencies to help the poor people. We even educate our medical practitioners with regular CME (Continuing Medical Education) programmes to keep updated with current medical trends and methods.

Sugam At Its Best:

The most complex and critical factor of the healthcare system is performing the surgeries and getting a positive outcome. Sugam hospitals are particular about the various surgical procedures. Hence, with the incorporation of various advanced technologies and well-provisioned operation theaters we are able to perform complex surgeries which includes renal transplants as well. We are the only healthcare facility in North Chennai to perform approved renal transplants effectively and successfully.

Our professional and qualified healthcare providers perform many more complex surgeries with more accuracy, control, and flexibility.

We are one of the best multispeciality hospitals with a dedicated department for blood bank in Chennai where you can meet all your medical requirements under one roof. Sugam hospitals ensure to be at your side when emergency strikes!