When Does Laparoscopy Become Necessary

When Does Laparoscopy Become Necessary
June 8, 2024 by admin

“Health Is Wealth ” is an undebatable fact where everything goes down before good health. Sugam hospital strongly believes in this and has taken it as a mission to serve mankind with proper medical treatment. Our motto is to make Sugam Healthcare as a ‘Symbol Of Health’ and ensure that we come to your mind during your tough times.

We started our services in 1991 with only 100 beds. However, with constant dedication and passion we reached new heights and evolved into a multi-specialty hospital. Now, our facility has more than 500 medical staff, two cardiothoracic theaters with the best cardiologist in Chennai, nine well-equipped operation theaters and 250 hospital beds. We serve more than thousands of patients every year with appropriate medical treatment. Our healthcare is located at Thiruvottiyur and Chrompet which is the prime location of Chennai and makes it the major point of medical contact for many.

Hence, as our motto symbolizes, we are into many social welfare communities to help the people in need. One of the major problems that we have noticed during our course time is that people were dying from Tuberculosis due to insufficient medical treatment. That is when we joined hands with a non-profit organization called Resource group for Education and Advocacy for Community Health (REACH) to provide free treatment to patients affected by Tuberculosis.

Hospital Facilities:

Sugam is a highly recognized healthcare facility facilitated by experienced staff, latest equipment, complex surgeries, and more. The hospital contains sophisticated IP rooms, consultation rooms, and an out-patient lounge with an outlet for food. The departments are well-equipped with advanced devices to provide treatment around the clock especially for emergency cases. The hospital located in Chrompet, is considered to be the best cancer hospital in Chennai, which offers comprehensive care in all modalities. It has an occupancy of 40 beds and a dedicated team to monitor the patients conditions. A blood bank is also available within the community with all blood screening components. The services are available 24×7 which includes clinical laboratory, X-ray, CT scan, endoscopy, and pharmacy.

The operation theater is modernized with all the essential equipment and has been updated with the latest technology to handle major surgeries. Sugam hospital is the only healthcare in North Chennai that performs renal transplantation. The room for the renal transplantation is facilitated with HEPA filter and proper air conditioning system to keep the space maintained at a specified pressure and germfree. Sugam hospital also has adequate facilities to improve patient safety by preventing postoperative infection.

Sugam hospital contains in-house CT scans which helps in offering immediate remedies for trauma for accident cases. Sugam hospital initiated the first advanced coronary cath lab in North Chennai. These facilities are utilized in the management of acute cardiac conditions and cardiac interventional procedures.

Services In Sugam Hospital

Laboratory services are available the whole day. The hospital has a state of art diagnostic laboratory and high quality medical equipment which offers the patients in the most cost effective way.


Sugam Hospitals cardiology care treats complex and rare heart diseases for adults and children every year. We have the best team of cardiologists who can make you feel better by their timely intervention. The world’s most threatening and major cause for the increase in the death rate is the heart attack which needs swift medical procedures with advanced equipment.

Sugam Healthcare ensures that acute cardiac care undergoes timely procedures like coronary angiograms. Not CTG / Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA), but all kinds of cardiac diagnostic and interventional services are also available.

General & Laparoscopic Surgery

In the general surgery and laparoscopy department, Sugam hospital has highly trained consultants and produces the best results with the state of the art modern equipment. Our operation theatre (OT) complex has three rooms which includes one emergency OT as well. High standards of sterility are maintained and advanced equipment for anesthesia are available as well. Our department offers advanced laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgeries for gallbladder diseases, and pancreatic diseases.

Orthopedics And Joint Replacement

The hospital provides medical, surgical, and rehabilitative services to rectify all orthopedic problems. We offer treatment for spine, neck, back pain, trauma, joint pain, and arthritis.


Urology is a branch of medicine that deals with diseases caused by the kidney, urinary bladder, prostate, kidney transplantation, etc. Urology OP services, inpatient services, minimally invasive surgery for prostate, minimally invasive procedure for stricture urethra, and other services are provided by our urology consultants.


Experts are available at our Sugam Healthcare to give treatment for all kinds of neurological issues. Neurological disorders like stroke, epilepsy, migraine, multiple sclerosis, etc are treated with utmost care in our hospital.

Blood Bank

Sugam Healthcare has the best blood bank in Chennai that provides access to safe blood to patients. Blood donation drives are held to collect blood from volunteers with thorough screening. The blood bank is open 24×7 at Sugam Hospital to meet the needs of the patients.

Diagnostic Radiology

Radiology is a diagnostic tool for earlier detection of any disease. Diagnostic radiology can identify a wide range of problems. Diagnostic radiology is also used to monitor how your body is responding to current treatment.

Hence, with all these facilities and services we profess to serve mankind with utmost care and attention. As said earlier, there is nothing more than having good health and through our comprehensive care right from diagnosis to providing appropriate medical treatment, Sugam Healthcare stands by your side.

There are many more added in our service list in which we excel and have created a strong identity in this field. Sugam Healthcare works with fast scheduling based on the patient’s conditions and provides regular quality assurance, thorough care management, and doctor support with a team to take care of patients. We are also one of the best pediatric hospital in Chennai and have developed a perfect environment to treat your little ones.